Real World Medicannabis Symposium

A symposium in medical cannabis, using

Real World Data • Real World Evidence

Dates:  TBC

Location: Toronto 

Conceived by the editors and stakeholders of the Canadian Journal of Medical Cannabis, the Symposium will be a unique assembly of experts in the field. 

Chair, Symposium Committee: Dr. Wayne Gulliver, B.SC., BMed.SC., M.D. FRCPC, Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador 

Objectives of Real World Medicannabis

  • Increase awareness of RWD•RWE

  • Share the progress achieved in the uses of real world date in the wider pharmaceutical industry, especially with a focus on Health Canada 

  • Improve quality and power of data collected in Canada 

  • Encourage Canadian physicians and organizations to be open to participate in patient experience trials and to apply the data 

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